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Balancing reality and your dreams - tobi

Balancing reality and your dreams

Balancing reality and your dreams

In this day and age money is a necessity whether you are wanting to travel, get an education, or just to simply live.

In the last three years, my education has cost me approximately £45,000 in loans. My living costs are around half my wage each month, and the other half goes to paying off immediate debts. My dream of travelling the world, writing and filming seem so far out of reach whilst I’m wasting my energy in a job I don’t enjoy; which is something that has really hit home this past month.

Working in hospitality tends to mean long hours and lots of overtime, whether you ask to take on those hours or not. Of course it has its perks. Meeting anywhere between 30-100 new people a day allows me to speak to individuals I never would have and hear their stories – and oh, there really are some stories. However you can’t help but be jealous; jealous of those getting to experience a new city for the first time. Jealous of those having fun with their loved ones. Jealous of those who are not at work.

You see, I see myself as a storyteller. My dreams include travelling the world and telling people’s stories. I love being captivated by what people have to say, listening to others speak and learning from their perspectives and ideas. I want to educate myself on different cultures and ways of living, to then pass on my knowledge to others. I aim to be someone who can provide that moment of escapism from their lives to others, much like the moments I chase for myself. The hardest part is that I want to do all that… now, when in reality I simply can’t.

This is when reality really gets in the way. My reality is that I need to work this job right now, to allow me to have the money to achieve my dreams. Sometimes I will have to prioritise work when I don’t want to and I’ll push those extra hours out or I’ll take on one more commission. I’ll say to myself I can write about those people’s stories the second I get home, I can voice record my ideas until I can put them into writing. I can sleep that one hour less to plan a video, or article post. I can send one more email to connect with that person. I say to myself it’s worth it as it allows me to be that one step closer to my success.

Those people you admire, they put in the work to be where they are. Let’s take Casey Neistat. Whatever you may think of him, it doesn’t change the fact he is a talented filmmaker and entrepreneur. He put himself out there and took any job he could. He lived off barely any sleep to create daily videos. Or Carrie Hope Fletcher, actor, author and YouTuber. She has just published her third book, she acts most nights in one musical or another, and when she’s not doing that, she’s live streaming or creating YouTube videos. She puts in the work.

But when do I cross the line between pushing myself and burning myself out? Well, I think we’re all still trying to figure that one out. All I know is this.

Life will knock you down. Reality will stand in often stand in your way. But those obstacles, those are the things that make you crave your dreams so much more. They will push you to do what it takes. Just remember to take a moment to breathe. A moment to relax and enjoy what you have now.


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